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Giving the gift of time
Gifts for your spouse, children, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle and friends.

 iManagement  Home Solution Package  Savings of 10-25%

Our packages are customized to meet your needs.

Package 1(iManagement Home Solution Package)
Consultation  $200   (GTA only) 

Be organized today

No time, too busy, need to be better organized, may just be some of the words you utter all year long.

We are offering our “Organize for Success” Gift Packages, for the Winter. Get organized before spring. 

Our packages are divided into categories to meet your home, office and yes even your children. So take advantage of our gift of time send us a e-mail today!



Do you wish to get organized this Spring?
  Need a Fall Seminar to get in order?

Package 2 (iManagement  Home Lifestyle Solution Package)
Consultation + 5 hours hands-on consultation  $575  Now $500
Package 3 (iManagement  Home Lifestyle Solution Package)
 Consultation+10 hours of hands on services was $950  Now $850
The Cluttertalk™Seminar -  Includes 30 minutes telephone consultation 
Home Office /Small Business Solution Packages Savings of 10-50%
Package 4 (Home office/small business)
Consultation was $200 -
Now $150 (GTA only) 
March 2011
Package 5 (Home office/small business)
 Consultation + 5 hours was $575-
Now $500
Package 6 (Home office/small business)
10 hours coaching/consultation $950 - 
Now $850
Executive Consultation and Coaching - Corporate Savings of 10-25%
Package 7 (Executive Consultation and Coaching - Corporate)
2 hours of Consultation - $350.00  - Now $300
Package 8 (Executive Consultation and Coaching - Corporate)
Consultation + half a day (4 hours) coaching 2- $600
Full Day Coaching - $900

Upcoming Events


How to un-clutter your home and life


 Get Organized for winter
Take the challenge- 

How to un-clutter your home and life
Get your home organized in 4 days


Student Organizing Packages Savings of 10-50%
Package 9 (Student Organizing Package)
 Organizing solution for study area and time management
 10 hours  coaching  - was $500 
Now $450
Package 10 (Student Organizing Package)
Organizing solution for study area and and time management
5 hours was $250   Now

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