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Getting organized, being organized and staying organized is quite a challenge for many. What better way to empower your organization and individuals by making us a part of the solution.

Our seminars and workshops are just one of the many ways we can assist your organization and individuals to eliminate the clutter and chaos from their personal and professional workday.

Seminars are customized to meet your needs, they are interactive and are designed to teach, motivate, improve workplace productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. As well as clarity to think creatively and make sound decisions to improve your daily success as you aspire to meet your goals and objectives.

We are available to speak at any of the following events

  • Conferences
  • Corporations
  • Associations
  • Schools
  • Church/Synagogues
  • Clubs
    Cluttertalk Seminars
  • Breakfast & Learn - 1 hour seminar for the early birds
  • Lunch & Learn: - 1-hour lunch time seminars
  • In Home Seminar: Hands-on with a group of friends (minimum 5 people)


        Organize for Success at Work™

  • Module 1 - Organize your workspace for success
  • Module 2 - Organize with your time for success
  • Module 3 - Organize with Technology for success
  • Module 4 - Staying organized at work

Organize for Success At Home™

Organize for Success At School™

  • Clutter, the impact on work/life balance
  • Reclaim your space- organizing your home room by room.
  • How to manage and maintain a clutter-free home
  • Letting go to find flow - getting organized
  • How to create order in your family
  • Living a balance lifestyle - How to find more time for yourself
  • Conquering the paper clutter at home

The School Life Balance Program

  • Module One - School time, how to budget it

  • Module Two - Organizing your study and living space


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